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Investigation of physical properties of Al2O3 using waste eggshell-reinforced composite material

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Rahul Mishraa , Amruta Jagdish Killolb , Ruchi Chandrakarc , Dr. S. P. Pandeyd , Nuresh Kumar Khunte


Eggshell is a highly polluting by-product (a substance created as a by-product of another product). However, making use of this trash can help lessen environmental damage. This study tried to create a composite material using eggshells and alumina (Al2O3) as reinforcing material. Ball milling carbonized eggshell and Al2O3 ceramic particles for up to 100 hours produced reinforcement particles with a consistent size distribution. After being ball-milled, the combination of Al2O3 and eggshell in creating an aluminum-based composite material dramatically increased mechanical qualities. A composite of heat-treated Al, 5% carbonized eggshell, and 5% Al2O3 showed a 46.55% improvement in tensile strength. Independent of heat treatment

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