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European Chemical Bulletin (ISSN 2063-5346) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research papers, short communications, and review articles in all areas of chemistry. European Chemical Bulletin has eight sections, namely

Section A: Organic Synthesis and Chemistry of Natural Products

Section B: Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry

Section C: Analytical and Environmental Chemistry

Section D: Inorganic and Material Chemistry

Section E: Biochemistry, Chemical Biology and Biotechnology

Section F: Physical, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

Section G: Chemistry of Industrial Processes

Section H: Quality Consideration accepting multidisciplinary Scope Manuscripts


European Chemical Bulletin is indexed by Chemical Abstract (CA), SciFinder, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), Directory of Research Journals Indexing (DRJI) and is available an Open Access Journal on the Internet. Full lengths of the articles and abstracts are available on-line at www.eurchembull.com .

European Chemical Bulletin is an Open Access journal. The interesting readers can view, download, print, and redistribute our articles without subscription, which guarantees that the author

Article Processing Charges

There is no submission fee to European Chemical Bulletin

Authors and their institutions are required to pay Article Processing Charges (APCs) for the publication of their articles in the European Chemical Bulletin. 

In addition to other publishing functions, authors are required to pay a one-time Article Processing Charge (APC) of USD 999. This charge covers the costs of managing peer reviews, administering the publication process, professionally producing articles in various formats (including PDF), and distributing published papers through different channels.

After submitting your paper, you will receive an invoice shortly. Payment can be made in Euros (EUR), US Dollars (USD), Indian National Rupees (INR), Japanese Yen (JYN), Swiss Francs (CHF), or British Pounds Sterling (GBP) via credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal.

The most immediate and convenient payment method is by credit card, as we can begin editing your paper as soon as we receive payment confirmation. PayPal is also an instant payment option, although it incurs a 6% transfer fee. Payment is also accepted through Western Union, MoneyGram, RiaMoney, Payoneer and more.