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What strategy, teaching and learning tactics and methods mean, Check as a methodical link and its various forms

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Dr. Ermelinda Kashah, Dr.Loreta Mamani, Dr. Aida Sotiri
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.si6.340


During the teaching and learning process, a clear strategy, a series of methods and techniques are used which must meet some didactic requirements, in order to make possible: The grounding of a student with interests, who is active, creative, capable to express himself freely, to have civic courage, to cope with the tasks and challenges of the time. While dealing with the theoretical problems of the educational and learning process, we come across the term teaching strategy. With the term teaching strategy, we will understand the definition and detailing of the activity that the teacher will carry out concretely in the lesson based on the requirements of the method. If we were to define it, we would say: "Strategy is the concrete view of the method or methods applied in a lesson class".

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