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Mayuri Gawade, Sanket Palkar, Shruti Saswade, Siddhi Sangwai, Saniya Bhattad, Ruta Sapate, Anushri Sapate
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.261


This research paper examines an HTML and CSS-created college website with a focus on the tools offered to students to participate in clubs, access study materials, and locate dining alternatives on campus. According to the report, the website provides a wide range of services, including food options, study materials arranged by subject and kind, and student groups organised by areas of interest. The report also emphasises the value of well-designed college websites that provide simple access to resources and empower students to make defensible judgements. In order to improve the website's functionality and give students access to a wider range of resources, future research could examine the website's responsiveness to mobile devices, user satisfaction, the integration of other technologies, the integration with learning management systems, and the integration of social media. In general, this research paper demonstrates the importance of a college website as a tool for student engagement and success.

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