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Tuberculosis of olecranon presenting as pathological fracture operated by olecranon anatomical plate fixation -A rare case report

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Dr.Dattatray Bhakare,Dr Rahul Salunkhe,Dr Ajinkya Chaudhari,Dr Raj Kamble,Dr Kaman Kuity
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.07


Introduction:Skeletal tuberculosis is uncommon as compared to pulmonary tuberculosis. Incidence of skeletal tuberculosis is 1-3% of all tuberculosis.skeletal tuberculosis most commonly involved spine and hip. Elbow is an uncommon joint affected by tubercular infection .Most common site of elbow tuberculosis is olecranon followed by lateral condyle of humerus.Typically Elbow tuberculosis patients presented with pain , swelling , discharging sinus, non healing ulcer but delayed diagnosis may leads to osteoporosis and upto pathological fracture Case Report:In our case A 18 years old male presented with pain , swelling and immobility of right elbow since last 15 days following a trivial trauma on right elbow which was sudden onset, excruciating in character, continuous in nature . Plain radiograph of right elbow revealed right sided olecranon fracture and lytic lesion over olecranon.Intra operatively a cavity was found which was filled with greyish white soft tissue bits and pieces . Curettage was performed and fracture fixation done with olecranon anatomical plate, screws. Bone defect filled with bone graft . Intra operative sample sent for CBNAAT and histopathological examination which confirmed tuberculosis . ATT started after confirming tuberculosis. Elbow immobilisation was done by above elbow slab for three weeks and full range of motion achieved at eight weeks.

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