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Traumatic displacement of maxillary permanent incisor into the nasal cavity

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Dr. Sanjay Byakodi(1), Dr. Jestina Merin John(2), Dr.kishanDudhat(2), Dr. Darshan Wable(2), Dr. Amit Basannavar(3)
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.119


This paper was aimed to illustrate a case of severe alveolar repositioning of an intruded tooth into the nasal cavity,its diagnosis and further management.A 10-year-old male, case of road traffic accident causeddueto sudden deceleration was brought to emergency department. Intraoral examination revealed an anterior maxillary dentoalveolar fracture and absence of theleft central maxillary incisor. Cone beam computed tomography was done and displaced tooth in the nasal cavity was located. The “missing” left maxillary central incisor was surgically retrieved from the floor of the left nostril.There are many complications related to dislocation or displacement of tooth after a dentoalveolar trauma such as a frontal sinus abscess, an airway complication, a respiratory tract obstruction, and a complicated lung abscess or sinusitis which may follow if the missing tooth is considered for avulsion and no diagnostic imaging is done.

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