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To determine the concentration of 235U, 238U radioisotopes in snow capped seabuckthorn medicinal plant

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Pallavi Rani , Ramesh kumar, Inderpreet kaur
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.289


The juice of seabuckthorn medicinal plant were analysed to determine the concentration of 235U and 238U. The berry of seabuckthorn was taken from the growing area i.e. Badrinath, kedarnath, kaza, ladakh and Lahual and spiti. The uranium concentration was determined by sodium iodide detector. The results show that the 235U and 238U is Nil in seabuckthorn medicinal plant. After deciding the right dose, we can use this medicinal plant for the treatment of patients who is suffering from cancer, heart disease, memory loss, skin problem and many others

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