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Priyanka Gupta, Kartikey Koti
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.011


The main aim of the study is to find out, understand and analyze the study of e-learning as a corporate learning tool in India, which is a common corporate learning scenario. Research Design: For the study design analysis, we will take the age, gender, income status of various management levels of a private and public organization as independent variables, and based on these dependent variables, we will measure the analytical study of e-learning as a tool. for corporate training in India. The present study aims to explore e-learning as a corporate learning tool in India. Primary data will be collected using questionnaire shall be developed on the basis of E-learning as a tool for corporate training in Indian corporate. Secondary data sources including published articles, internet, various researches etc. Results: It contains of two types of industry that is manufacturing and service industry. Out of the data of 500 people 228 people belongs to manufacturing industry and 272 people belongs to service industry. This demographic age consists of different intervals. Out of 500 people no. of persons up to 25 years age are up to 192, 25-35 years are 210,35-45 years are 76and 45 above are 22. Conclusion: Surveys show that most employers use e-learning; however, we must treat these surveys with some caution due to their low response rates and, in some cases, biased samples. It also makes it difficult to draw firm conclusions about the use of e-learning.

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