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The Potential of LAGHU MALINI VASANT in the treatment of LUTEAL PHASE DEFECT

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Dr. Swati Surendra Mohite, Dr Deepali Patil, Dr Namrata Namdeo Tambe , Dr Mrudula Kulkarni
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.si6.173


Luteal phase is the period of menstrual cycle which occurs after ovulation i.e. after 16th day of menses according to modern science. According to Ayurved, it is the rutavyateetha kala which starts after 16th day of menses. Hence, as the time period is same, it can be considered that, rutavyateetha kala is the luteal phase of menstrual cycle. Any defect in luteal phase can be considered as the defect of rutavyateetha kala. The inner most part of garbhashayai.e. uterus, is called garbhashayya i.e. endometrium. It is filled with minute hair like capillaries which nourishes it and also the embryo after fertilization (Vishvamitra). Any defect in it will lead to implanataion failure. Georgeanna Jones, first described luteal phase defect as the inadequate secretory transformation of endometrium, resulting in deficient progesterone production by corpus luteum causing recurrent habitual abortions and infertility. Till date there is no specific pathology, definite diagnostic criteria and treatment explained for LPD. Hence, it is the need of time to find a definitive alternative treatment for LPD. After studying the treatment given by various Ayurvedic Vaidayasfor habitual abortions, implantation failure, scanty menses, it can be concluded that LMV is the choice of drug for treating the above condition.

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