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The Human Freedom Index: Exploratory Data Analysis and Target Prediction

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Sahana Ashok, R. Raj Bharath
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.411


Individual dignity and rights are recognized by the extent of human freedom; an essentially valued social idea that allows and empowers people to follow their choice. The Human Freedom Index is an annual assessment that quantifies the level of human freedom by presenting a broad measure among various aspects including areas like Rule of law, Security, Religion, Expression, Regulation, etc. Given these measures for each country, the central objective is to provide an overall view of the extent of freedom worldwide, its projections, and changes. Based on these, insights can be obtained regarding dependencies with social and economic phenomena. An understanding of such relationships can help governments provide better polices and implement wholesome decisions that contribute to an improved global wellness. It could help observe the ways in which various freedoms interact with one another. Data Analysis over the given measures can provide insights to help better understand patterns, interesting relations among variables, correlate attributes, and find dependencies. The project handles Data Preprocessing, Exploratory Data Analysis, and Target Prediction for the Human Freedom Score using Linear Regression. Various factors that contribute to the outcomes are analyzed from relations between the indicators that can help provide improved solutions in the future

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