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The Effect of Utilizing Cisco IT Essentials on Learning Outcomes in Computer Installation Processing Courses, Department of Information Management, AMIK Lamappapoleonro Soppeng during the Covid 19 Pandemic

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Ihsanulfu’ad Suwandi, Zul Rachmat
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.272


This study aims to determine the effect of using Cisco IT Essentials on student learning outcomes of the Informatics Management Study Program in the Computer Installation Processing course related to computer equipment installation materials as a digital demonstration simulation that can help lecturers and instructors to convey material to students so that hardware installation procedures are carried out. computers are more understood as a practical solution during the Covid 19 pandemic which was later described in an article at a conference. The use of Cisco IT Essentials in learning can affect student learning outcomes. In designing this learning media, researchers used the ADDIE development model. Precisely in the informatics management study program the test subjects were students of class 2019 the trials in this study were carried out three times, namely one-on-one trials on three students, small group trials on five students and field trials involving fifteen students. questionnaire. lecturers in field trials. Data collection techniques are validation, questionnaires and tests. Data Analysis Techniques is the proportion of validity, practicality and effectiveness. The results of this study are; (1) Cisco IT Essentials learning development process refers to the ADDIE model, namely analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation; and (2) the resulting product is a valid Cisco IT Essentials Trainer learning with an assessment of 90% media experts, 91% material experts, 92% manuals, 81% lecturer responses, 81% student responses and 84% tests. Practically based on one-on-one trials 81.10%, small groups 84% and field trials 88.80%. Effectively used based on learning outcomes data of 0.72 with a high category on the gain test.

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