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Temperature Index Characterisation of Carbon Nanostructure

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Theertha Nair A , D. Antony Xavier , Annmaria Baby , Akhila S, Eddith Sarah Varghese
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.389


Nanomaterials are known to be foundation pillars for creating materials that incorporate several functional components. So, it is crucial to assess the physico-chemical characteristics of the moieties, which can be carried out using various molecular descriptors. Topological descriptors are numerical values derived from a graph that are able to describe the topology of the graph and are typically graph invariants. Despite the conventional degree-based descriptors, a novel version based on the temperature of a vertex has recently gained interest. In this study, some of the significant temperature indices like hyper temperature indices, connectivity temperature indices, general temperature indices, GA and F-temperature indices of the carbon nanosheet νC5C7(x,y) are formulated.

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