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Synthesis Characterization and Esterification of Super acid (SO4/Fe2.04Co1.08Ni0.88O) and its Tungsten based Super acids Derived from Metal Oxide

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S. Prabu, M. Lakshmi Devi, E.Bhakya Lakshmi , Dr.B. Ayyanar, Dr.A. Arun, Dr.M.Kayalvizhi1*
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.37


In this article, SO4/Fe2.04Co1.08Ni0.88O4 and its tungsten-based super acid were synthesized by co-precipitation method. The synthesized SO4/ Fe2.04Co1.08Ni0.88O4 and its tungsten based solid super acid is analyst by FT-IR spectra, UV-Visible spectra, Raman spectra, TGA, XRD, FE-SEM with EDX and Esterification reaction. FT-IR spectroscopy reveals, the predicted functional groups of synthesized nanomaterials. Thermogravimetry analysis of nanomaterials exhibits, the loss of water and sulphur dioxide. The XRD reveals that the synthesized nanomaterials are crystal in nature. The synthesised nanomaterials are cubic and spherical, as evidenced by their FESEM. The predicted components are present in the synthesized nanomaterials, as evidenced by their EDX. The amount of acetic acid present in the residual solution using an Acid-Base titration, a greater number of acetic acid molecules are converted as ester molecules when conducting the esterification reaction in the presence of either super acid or sulphate coated nanocomposite than on metal oxide.

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