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Students’ Attributions for their Success and Failure in an Exam: Do they relate to Achievement?

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Sekh Nazimul Islam, Ummi Sarki Abubakar, Dr Miswar Bello, Dr Amiya Bhaumik
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.310


This study discovers the different types of attributions that undergraduate attribute their educational success and failure. Attribution principle was applied to understand educational success and failure. Inquiries that directed the research were: what are the influencing factors that dominate in students’ academic success? Is there any change if dispositional attribution and grades, factored as standards of academic achievement are measured? Do the measured attribution have any effect when forecasting students’ grades? A self-developed data collection instrument Student Attribution Questionnaire (SAQ) measuring seven different attribution with 40 items on Likert scale were applied to 370 university students.The result showed that dispositional attribution, positive attitude, and perception have strong positive relation with high grades.

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