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Speaker Profiling: The Study of Supra Segmental Features of Different Malayalam Dialects for Forensic Speaker Identification

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Sherin Shaji, Dr. Abhinav Sood
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.271


For forensic speaker identification, this study intends to analyze the acoustic properties of Malayalam dialects based on phonetic elements. The study includes the investigation of Malayalam native speakers from several locations in Kerala, India based on different dialects spoken, via voice samples. The voice samples were used to extract and analyze phonetic parameters such as vowel duration and formant frequencies. The analysis's findings showed that the Malayalam dialects differed significantly in terms of formant frequencies and vowel duration. These results can help distinguish between speakers of various Malayalam dialects, which is valuable for forensic speaker identification reasons. This can be especially pertinent when determining the source of a voice sample depends heavily on the dialect of the speaker. Overall, this work adds to the expanding body of knowledge on forensic speaker identification and emphasizes how crucial it is to consider dialectal variance.

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