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Side effects of Sinopharm COVID -19 vaccine

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Hisham Osman Ibrahim1 and Randa R. Alsharif2
ยป doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.21


The aim of this study to evaluate the side effects of Sinopharm as Covid -19 vaccine. About 50 individuals agreed to participate in this study. All of them they are followed during the three doses of Sinopharm vaccination. The demographic data and side effects of Sinopharm vaccination were collected via specific questionnaire, which designed for this purpose. The study shown that prevalence of males and females who included in the study is 46% & 54% respectively, the side effect for mild fever found 44% and severe fever found 14%, the prevalence of mild weakness found 46% and severe weakness found 16%, the prevalence of nausea found 28%, the prevalence of headache found 6%, the prevalence frequent urination found 24% and this conseded unexpected.

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