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S.V. Sangkavi, W. M. K. H. Wijesundara, L. G. A. T. D. Wijerathne, L. H. Jayawardhane, D. I. De Silva, M. V. N. Godapitiya
» doi: 10.53555/ecb/2023.12.12.253


This study introduces SensiBuy, a ground-breaking web application that has been painstakingly designed to transform the buying experience for those with visual impairments. SensiBuy is evidence of how technology may promote inclusivity and independence. It enables users to easily engage with digital content by integrating Text-to-Speech capability. SensiBuy also values linguistic diversity by providing multilingual help in English and Sinhala, allowing customers to comfortably shop in their native tongue. SensiBuy was created with a user-centric design philosophy at its core. Through thorough usability testing, data gathering, and incremental adjustments, it focuses the requirements and preferences of people with visual impairments. Notably, SensiBuy emphasizes moral issues strongly, protecting user privacy and data security. SensiBuy's capacity to give its consumers independence and accessibility is clear from the results of convincing usability testing. This ground-breaking application is not just a technological triumph; it also serves as a catalyst for a more just society where everyone, regardless of visual ability, may take part in independent and smooth shopping.

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