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Salivary copper levels in oral submucous fibrosis patients

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Dr A. Dasarathi, Dr M. Jyothsna, Dr Ch. Anuradha, Dr B. Supraja, Dr K. Chakrapani, Dr P. Poornima
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.si6.92


This research was carried out to evaluate salivary copper levels in oral submucous fibrosis patients (OSMF). Material and methods: overall 100 subjects were recruited in this research. The subjects had been divided into 2 groups- group A(control group) as well as group B ( OSMF group). The levels of copper were estimated in the saliva of 50 patients with OSMF using inductively coupled mass spectrometry (ICP- MS). The values were compared with 50 normal age and sex matched control subjects. Results: There was a significant difference of the mean salivary copper levels in subjects having OSMF when compared to the normal controls. Copper levels were increased in subjects having OSMF. Conclusions: Saliva may be used as a potential diagnostic tool, which can be efficiently employed to evaluate the copper levels in pre malignant lesions of oral cavity.

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