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REVIEW PAPER on an Automated Hydroponics System

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Yashdeep P. Nimje, Dr C. C. Handa
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.si6.370


Hydroponics is an old skill that starts almost 2500 years ago. It helps to save water, soil and shows higher yielding compared to conventional farming. A top part of the land of the earth is commonly used for various agricultural operations. However, in the present age, cultivatable land is progressively decreasing as compared to land available for other sectors for example industrial sector. Considering this issue, several techniques of agriculture evolved that only need a limited land and can yield all the desirable requirements of the community. One of the techniques used nowadays in farming is the hydroponics agricultural system. Hydroponics with a properly designed system is a futuristic way for agriculture that also increase sustainability to survive in unusual climatic condition. Hydroponic can also provide a substitute for organic farming. The target of this work is to carry out in this paper is to help the researcher research the marketing and various parameters necessary in hydroponics by identifying and delivering the details of this study. Further, this review paper highlights the proposed work in the various literature survey and required modifications in regards to self-acting hydroponics systems with a controlled environment, dissolve water nutrients, water supply and Air circulation. The literature review emphasizes that hydroponic systems which are well controlled and appropriately organized give better growth-rate and show a considerable reduction in human involvement.

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