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Review and Design Analysis of Robotic Vehicle used for Defense and Disaster Management

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Mr. Neeraj P. Kulkarni, Mr. Prashant D. Agwane, Dr. Subim N. Khan
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.si6.485


The border areas need to monitored and secured effectively and any security breach needs to be strictly monitored. The smart systems are being incorporated by Indian Défense systems now a days. The high security areas such as weapon arsenal etc. needs to be monitored 24 x7 to prevent from unauthorized attacks. The proposed system proposed deals with development of border security system to prevent unauthorized attacks. The proposed system consists of development of smart robotic vehicle which automatically safeguard’s the assigned area in surveillance mode. The developed smart system automatically targets the enemy when threat is detected and when the command to fire is received from the base station it automatically shoots the enemy. The proposed robotic vehicle is equipped with Landmine detection system. The Robot is also equipped with explosion detection system which will alert the base station. The Robotic vehicle is made autonomous so that once triggered from the base station it can perform effective safeguard of border areas without any human aid using Deep learning and Sensor based systems. The proposed system is Solar powered which will make it easy to charge using solar energy. The Robotic vehicle implements adaptive color changing system to map its color to the surrounding color using camera to camouflage itself which can prevent revealing its identity while spying.

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