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Reverse Osmosis Integration intoNypafruticansPalm Sugar (Gula Apong) Processing: Color Development Investigation Using L*, a*, and b* Parameter

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1,2Mohammad Hafsanjani Salleh, 2Wong ChenScen,1,2Mohd Zahid Abidin,1,2Ashraf Abdul Razak,1,2Abdul Fattah Abdul Razak and 1,2MohdSyafiq Abdullah
» doi: : 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.182


Color is one of the quality keys that define the acceptable appearance of the food product resulting from various processing methods. The aim of this study is to investigate the impact of non-thermal reverse osmosis process integration as a pre-concentration step into the existing conventional pan boiling process for Nypa sugar or gula apong making. The pH value and total acidity (%w/v) for the full pan boiling (FPB) and reverse osmosis-pan boiling (RO-PB) are consistent at every interval of total soluble solids (TSS) obtained. The Nypa sugar produced from both processeswere further analyzed in terms of color development using the lightness L*, the greenness a*, and the yellowness* parameters. Overall, there are slight distinctions of each L*, a*, and b* parameter between FBP and RO-PB processes but statistically, are not significantly different (p-value>0.05). For the browning index (BI) and color difference derived from L*, a*, and b* values, the FBP process showed higher color changes than the RO-PB process with calculated values of 16.47 and 22.96. respectively.

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