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Research Case Study: Design and Development of secure and energy efficient techniques for IoT Device

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Binod Kumar, Dev Ras Pandey, Mohit Kumar, Sidharth Prakash, Shrikant Upadhyay
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.092


The development of design of Safe and Energy Effective Methods for IoT Devices initiative is a great effort to solve the crucial challenges of Safety and Energy Effective for IoT Devices by using Cisco Packet Tracer. The rise of IoT devices has made it essential to protect them from online attacks. Also, IoT devices have to be fuel efficient in order to function properly because they frequently depend on batteries. The major goal of the project was to create and put into use an IoT device that was safe and energy-efficient utilizing Cisco Packet Tracer. To ensure the security of the device, the project made use of a number of security measures, including the implementation of secure passwords, the use of encryption methods, and the configuration of firewalls. Energy-saving techniques including using lowpower hardware, simplifying the software, and implementing sleep modes significantly improved the usefulness of the device. Overall, the study was successful in achieving its objectives and demonstrated that adding security and power generation capabilities to IoT devices is doable. The project's outcomes might be used to improve the energy efficiency as well as safety of emerging IoT devices as well as industry best practises. The project's success illustrates the importance of addressing security and efficiency issues in IoT devices as well as the requirement for more research in this area. IoT devices must be maintained secure, reliable, and energy-efficient because they're crucial to our daily lives and are employed in increasingly crucial infrastructure. In this specific project, the whole idea of energy-efficient and secure solutions for IoT devices has already been covered in detail, alongside all the relevant information and references that may offer accurate data about all things. Every approach that is depicted in this project is explained in the methodology section. These techniques will be used to create a variety of high effective and energy-efficient purpose.

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