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Removal of wastewater contaminants from El-Dakhala polluted by anthropogenic sources using modified downflow hanging sponge system

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Awatef Abdel Salam Masaoud1 ,AbdouS.El-Tabl*2, Mohamed S. Daba3 and Sameh Zwam Mohamed4
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.242


The presence of organic ,inorganic and biological pollutants in Waste water leads to several environmental and health impact .Exposure of humans and animals to toxic pollutants cause severe effects include reduced animal growth and development for human .To mitigate the negative impacts of toxic pollutants on the health of humans , animals and the environment ,a variety of remediation processes have been developed . These remediation processes are classified into chemical and biological which are indicated to effective in treatment of toxic pollutants in Waste water. A new technology consists of mixing new polydentat organic ligand with Waste water under different conditions and allowed Waste water to pass through modified Bio-active Sorbent System .

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