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Quantitative Structure Property Relationship Analysis of Kulli’s Topological Indices

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D.G.Prakasha1, and Manjunatha Gali2
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.81


Molecular descriptor is a number associated with the moleculargraph.Theapplications of molecular descriptors in predicting the physico-chemico properties of chemical compounds framed a remarkable benchmark in the field of mathematical chemistry. In this paper, we consider Kulli’s molecular descriptors to examine their applications in QSPR(Quantitative Structure Property Relationship) study ofalkanes.TheresultsofQSPR-analysisdemonstratedF-Somborindex(FSLI),sumconnectivity Gourava index(SCGI), product connectivity Gourava index(PCGI), multiplicative atom bond sum connectivity index(MASCI) and Revan Sombor index(RSI) shows good correlation with the physical properties of alkanes

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