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Prominence of Human values in brand promotion on Social Media

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Prof. (Dr.) Munish Kumar Tiwari,Dr. Vedprakash,Dr. Hitesh Kumar,Mr. Amit Manglik,
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.111


Companies consider social media-based consumer engagement behaviors for brands; sharing, content production, and reviews are more beneficial for brands than "liking" content consumption. Branded content posted or produced by brands has been found to rise, however rather than "likes" on social media; it may be users who drive brand exposure and loyalty (Adweek, 2013). The importance of motivating employees is rising as more businesses focus on producing consumer-driven content, such as Coca-Cola's "Share a Coke" campaign and Apple's "Shoton iPhone"; according to the 2018 Sprout Index. Businesses have begun to comprehend the social media users who engage in these activities (Adweek, 2018). The study demonstrates how human values are utilized to identify and categorize audience members for brand-related social media activity. Social media users are surveyed, and the values and activities of these individuals are examined. Findings indicate that brand-related social media events are influenced by factors such as self-improvement, self-transcendence, openness to change, and conservation. Businesses should use users who have clients who care about conservation to spark brand creation and sharing activities. Customers who are environmentally conscious should be targeted through sharing promotions, being flexible with related customers' data, and creating self-enhanced customers who can share informational data and specify about commodities. Companies ought to emphasize their CSR initiatives since there is a conflict between user self-transcendence and brand activity.

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