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Dr. Rupaji J. Kadam, Dr. Manisha R. Kadam, Dr. Shriram S. Ragad
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.si6.174


The present study aimed to highlighting key-aspects of procedural requirements and importance of standardization of Panchakarma therapy. Methods: Panchakarma is an important therapeutic approach of Ayurveda, it act as preventive measure and resist disease. Improper use of Panchakarma therapy may results hazardous effects therefore Ayurveda recommended various parameters to be followed during Panchakarma. These parameters should be standardized to achieve maximum benefits without any adverse effects of therapy. As per Ayurveda standardization is very essential to prevent Atiyoga, Ayoga and to get optimum effects in a systematic manner of predetermined protocol. The development of medical science seeks standardization of traditional therapeutic approaches to establish uniformity of procedural practice. Result: The standardization of Panchakarma considered dosage schedule, procedural protocol, dose of medicaments and assessment of effects of therapy, etc. All the procedures of Panchakarma should be performed by the same person till the clinical trial. The medicine used for standardization setup should not be change during the trial period. Protocol should be designed by field experts. Fixation of dose, duration and Anupana uniformly is required. Standardization of Purva karma, Standardization of Pradhan karma and Standardization of Pashat Karma need to be performed stage wise to acquire maximum health benefits of therapy. Conclusion: Standardization of Panchakarma offer effective and safe procedural protocol. The Standardization of Panchakarma after clinical study may be considered as standard for further utilization and uniform application.

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