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Probing the Saptadravya of Kushtha conceptually

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Dr.Vasudha G.Asutkar, Dr.Amit Paliwal, Dr.Sheetal G.Asutkar, Dr Yashashri Joshi
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.si6.179


While describing Trividha Roga, Vagbhatacharya has described the“DoshaKarmaja” disease as those having terrible manifestation but the actual Hetus even done by patient is of less extent. Kushtha comes under this type. These are born not only from Dosha vitiation but also by bad acts of previous lives. Also, commencement of death of a person having Kushtha is referred as a rational aetiological factor of Kushtha in his next life by Sushrutacharya. Hence the “Samutthana”/aetiology that Kushtha projects, is something beyond just Ahara, Vihara, Manas catagories. The collective effect of this aetiology brings about “Upaghata” i.e abnormal pessimistic changes in the Sapta Dravyas of Kushtha, which are the actual sites for disease manifestation i.e Adhishthana. Thus Dhātus lie in various shades of Vikŗt Avasthās in aetiopathogenesis of Kushtha, from the initial to final stages of the disease. Hence it is needed to be focused keenly.

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