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Preparation and Characterization of Zinc Metal fabricated Zeolite Water Filters for the Removal of Perilous Ions from Drinking Water

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Vaishali Rao and Dr. Sawti Goyal
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.9.127


In order to remove hazardous cations and anions from drinking water, we synthesized the zinc metal fabricated zeolite. For this synthesis the basic nature of zeolite as an adsorbent was employed. The waste water sample and drinking water samples collected from the different zones of Indore city were tested before and after filter treatment by this zinc zeolite. Natural zeolite is a type of porous substance with a significant specific surface area but a modest ability for adsorption. In recent years, focus has been placed on employing various techniques to prepare the surface-modified zeolite in order to increase the zeolite's adsorption capacity for contaminants. Zeolite modification treatments can significantly alter the pore structure and surface chemistry. The research report introduces the removal procedures for typical pollutants like fluoride ions and heavy metal ions and describes several zeolite modification techniques. This study also aims to demonstrate the viability of using modified zeolite to create inexpensive active zeolite embedded with zinc ions, which will help to achieve a larger removal impact and make drinking water safe for human consumption. This study's primary goal is to effectively resolve zeolite synthesis techniques and their potential applications. This paper provides an overview of zeolites studies that have used zeolites as adsorbents for the contaminants under consideration

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