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Predictors of failure of aortic valve repair

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Sobhy Abouramadan, Hesham Alkady, Said Abdelaziz, Ali Saad, Mohamed Allam
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.362


Aortic valve repair is the preferred procedure for the treatment of cases of severe aortic regurge with suitable morphology of the diseased valve and thus avoiding the prosthesis related complications. However, the major complication of this operation is AR recurrence. Enhanced understanding of predictors of failure of repair helps in the improvement of outcome. Methods: 100 patients underwent aortic valve repair surgery in the period between Janaury 2020 and March 2022 in Kasr Alainy hospitals. Preoperative assessment included echocardiographic findings, CT aortograpghy and coronary angiography or MSCT on coronaries. Aortic valve repair was performed with different techniques. Follow up was 6 months for postoperative assessment of degree of regurge, contractility and LV dimensions. Results: There was significant improvement in the left ventricular dimensions and contractility. Seven patients had moderate degree of regurge and one patient had severe degree of regurge in the follow up period. One patient died as a result of profound low cardiac output syndrome Conclusion: dilated aortic annulus, mild residual cusp prolapse, mild residual cusp retraction are among the significant predictors of failure of aortic valve repair, while bicuspid aortic valve and degree of preoperative aortic valve regurge are not

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