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Phytochemical, HRLCMS and antitubercular studies on Hibiscus calyphyllus flowers

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Manju Thalaimalai 1,2, Ganapathy Sankari S 1,2, Jeyachandran Malaichamy 2*, Dharmarajan Sriram 3
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.106


The phytochemical constituents present in H. calyphyllus flowers were studied by preliminary phytochemical tests and HRLCMS analysis. The HRLCMS analysis revealed the presence of fifty two versatile compounds including eight phenolic compounds, eight carboxylic acid derivatives, six flavonoids, six amino acids, six carbohydrates, nine alcohols, four amino compounds, two steroids, one alkaloid, one steroidal alkaloid and a quinine. The crude extracts of H. calyphyllus possess moderate antitubercular activity.

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