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Perception of Pedagogy Students About the Differentiating Characteristics that Influenced their University Choice

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Jose Luis Ponce Orozco, María Eugenia Alanis Ortega
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.si6.478


The key objective is to determine the significant stimuli that lead to influence several applicants' perspectives and students who desire to study pedagogy and the universities that facilitate the bachelor degree in pedagogy. Education is considered as a key to economic development. In the universities, the enrollment in pedagogy degree is low as compared to another academic offer. The entire study is framed with a market overview that involves a strong analysis and evaluation of universities as a particular service provider. Consumers such as younger people or students who tend to select a university are exposed to those stimuli, which led their perception to influence or encourage the student to take the decision to enroll in the respective university. The investigation is conducted with the first-year students of Beta and Alfa Universities. The research design is qualitative and the focus group is selected for the freshmen. The interview topic guide is about stimuli led to enroll the student of their choice and other Institute of Education Sciences (IES). The stimuli tend to influence the student's religious beliefs, student environment, design of property, schedules, price, open class and subjects. Therefore, Alfa and Beta Universities are some of the best universities positioned in Mexico as per QS World University Rankings. Both of them belong to the Catholic Religious Dogma.

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