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Ifra Yaqoob, Samra Nayab, Zara Fatima, Shaher Bano, Summya Gulzar, Dr Aimen Shabbir, Dr Fatima Tahir, Veena, Dr Fahmida Khatoon, Kashif Lodhi
» doi: 10.53555/ecb/2023.12.12.314


Background: Operative dentistry is a critical component of dental care, focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of oral health issues. Patient-centered care in dentistry involves not only providing effective treatments but also ensuring patient satisfaction and improved oral health outcomes. This study aims to investigate the factors influencing patient satisfaction and oral health outcomes in operative dentistry, with a focus on patient-centered approaches. Aim: The primary aim of this study is to identify and analyze the factors that play a significant role in influencing patient satisfaction and oral health outcomes in operative dentistry. This research seeks to provide insights into the key determinants of patient-centered care in dental practice and its impact on patient satisfaction and oral health. Methods: A comprehensive review of the literature on patient-centered outcomes in operative dentistry will be conducted, encompassing studies, surveys, and clinical trials. Data will be extracted and analyzed to identify common themes, including communication, pain management, treatment effectiveness, and patient involvement. A survey will also be administered to dental patients to gather their perspectives on what contributes to their satisfaction and oral health outcomes during operative dental procedures. Results: Preliminary findings from the literature review reveal that effective communication between the dentist and the patient, pain management strategies, treatment outcomes, and patient involvement are significant determinants of patient satisfaction and oral health outcomes. The patient survey data will provide further insights into the perceived importance of these factors. Conclusion: This study highlights the critical role of patient-centered care in operative dentistry and its direct impact on patient satisfaction and oral health outcomes. Dentists and dental care providers should prioritize effective communication, pain management, and involving patients in their treatment decisions to enhance the quality of care provided. By understanding and addressing the factors that influence patient-centered outcomes, dental practices can better meet patient needs and improve overall oral health outcomes.

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