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Overview of Biosensors and Their Application: a review

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Gadha Sreekumar1 , Anshumali Parashar2 , Swathi Somanathan3 , Subhash Mishra4 , Anil Prakash Singh5 , Chetan D.M.6 , Dr Imran A Sheikh7 , Sravani Dumala9
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.Si9.293


Biosensors like tissue based, DNA biosensors, thermal and piezoelectric biosensors .biosensors are used in food industry to check in its quality. And play an important role in medical sciences like heart diseases. Biosensors are portable, un-expensive tools for detecting proteins and other analytes, biosensors are techniques which can often used in existence with alive system to decrease cost and increase the profit oriented process rate

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