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On-Demand Recharging Strategies for Sensors in WRSNs: A Review

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Kumar Dayanand, Sumit Singh Sonkar, Mohit Kumar
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.si6.499


An innovative technology called a wireless rechargeable sensor network (WRSN) has emerged with the goal of extending the network lifetime of traditional wireless sensor networks (WSNs). The longevity of data gathering, increased charging effectiveness, increased network lifetime, and greater network utilization are all made possible by WRSNs. Wireless rechargeable sensor networks (WRSNs) have been strengthened by the most recent advancement in wireless power transfer (WPT) technology by enabling reliable and continuous energy supply to sensors using mobile chargers (MCs). Over the past ten years, a huge number of studies have been conducted in this area. In this research, we have provided a thorough description of emerging wireless rechargeable networks where sensor nodes utilize wireless power transfer strategies to extend the network’s lifespan. Additionally, this document offers a summary and brevity of other WRSN-related papers from the previous nine years. Following a quick introduction, we established a few key concepts and categorized the charging schemes according to the aims, system architecture, charging plans, charging categories, and restrictions. We concluded by discussing the survey's future trajectory and making some closing remarks after summarizing the entire survey.

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