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On Computation of Multiplicative Indices for Borophene Nanosheet

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Annmaria Baby, D. Antony Xavier, Akhila S, Theertha Nair A, Eddith Sarah Varghese
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.388


Nanomaterials have unique superlative properties with potential applications in electronics, medical and other fields. Borophene, a two dimensional nanomaterial, have a variety of intriguing characteristics. They left an indelible influence on the fields of chemistry, material science, nanotechnology and condensed matter physics with their astounding physical and chemical properties. They can also be used to support immunotherapy, medication delivery systems, biosensors, electronic devices, etc. A breakthrough was made in the fields of mathematics and chemistry with the concept of modelling the structure of a molecule to a chemical graph and then quantitatively analysing the related graph with the aid of topological indices. The topological index is a purely mathematical representation of a molecular structure, which can be utilised as a forecasting tool in QSPR/QSAR studies. These indices could be used in the fields of pharmaceutical, biological and chemical sciences. New indices that more precisely connect with the structural characteristics of a chemical structure are being developed by researchers working on this idea. The multiplicative degree based indices for theβ_12-Borophene nanosheet are determined in this study.

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