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Neglect: The Response to Workplace Bullying by Junior Faculty in Higher Educational Institutions

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Levia Levia, Rishita Goyal
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.si6.142


This study aims to study faculty as target to workplace bullying(WB) and its response to the same. On surveying 520 junior faculty from various HEIs of Punjab, 228 were found under the threat of WB. Further when these 228 targets were contacted to understand their response to the situation, 211 responses were received. WB depicted significant relation with the neglect as the coping response. Neglect as response involved: loss of motivation to do job, calling sick, showing up late, putting less efforts and taking a lot of breaks. During the analysis of field notes, it was further found that junior faculty found themselves with no solution but to tolerate WB in order to progress in career. They also mentioned that the institutions did not involve any effective conflict management solutions, hence they chose neglect as an option. It can thus, be understood that in order to progress in achieving desired goal, first it is important to get the mentors feel safe and focused at their work, for them to deliver the best. Hence, focus on building stronger and institutions is recommended.

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