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Need-Based Changes in Undergraduate Pharmacology Teaching in Dental College โ€“ A Survey on Student Perspective

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Sarandevi Paneerselvam1, Bettina Lavanya Magdaline2*, Subbulakshmi Packirisamy3, Deepa Rajendiran4
ยป doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.49


Background: Pharmacology knowledge is the base of clinical practice. The goal of studying Pharmacology for dental students is to acquire and gain knowledge on rational therapeutics. As so many new drugs are added the subject became voluminous and undergraduate students find it difficult. Objectives: To know how the students feel about the pharmacology teaching and learning process and their feedback on the Pharmacology syllabus for dental undergraduates. Methodology: A comprehensive observational, cross-sectional questionnaire-based survey comprising 25 questions for both the learning and teaching (theory/practicals) process, was given to all the dental students. Responses were collected and data were compiled in Microsoft excel and statistically analyzed.

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