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Natural antioxidants and nutraceuticals to fight against common human diseases: an overview

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Madhumita Chowdhury, Sagarika Chowdhury, Ashmita Bhattacherjee, Chandrima Roy, Riya Sarkar, Krishnendu Adhikary, Rajkumar Maiti, Prithviraj Karak
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.9.142


To fight against some common illnesses, antioxidants have always taken central role. Antioxidants are constantly available in our daily diet. Vitamin E and Vitamin C are two common natural antioxidants that are mostly present in fruits and vegetables. By lowering free radicals produced by oxidative stress situations, antioxidants play a significant role in minimizing diabetes-related health issues and maintaining optimal insulin generation. Vitamin E, Vitamin C, selenium and other antioxidants are also very much efficient against diabetes mellitus. Oxidative stress leads to the liver's dysfunction and many others disorders like liver cirrhosis. In order to avoid neurological diseases and the advancement of atherosclerosis, using dietary supplements such as vitamin E and vitamin C that directly interact with oxidative stress and free radicals are recommended. In this article we have focused on different diseases and the effects of naturally occurring antioxidants to prevent those diseases.

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