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Macro- and Microstructural Durability Investigations of Sustainable Ternary Geopolymer Concrete Paver blocks

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Lokesh Choudhary, Vaishali Sahu, Archanaa Dongre, Anu Tonk
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.472


With the growing infrastructure of road transport and highways, there has been a tremendous revolution in materials we use for construction of important freight corridors, expressways, access roads for villages and rural areas. The use of paving blocks, which have been in use since hundreds of years are still the foremost choice of engineers for applications in either road shoulders, pedestrians, parking lots, hangers etc. because of ease in laying. Additionally, concrete paver blocks present a less time-consuming repair and maintenance unit with ready to use properties. However, the growing need for providing sustainable materials has opened avenues for investigating environment friendly ingredients to produce these ready-made building unit. Hence, the current study attempts to reinforce the utility of geopolymer mixes by investigating durability properties of ternary geopolymer concrete along with microstructural examination. An optimum ternary blend based on previous experimental study, comprising of FA, GGBS and MK has been prepared with natural sand and foundry sand and tested in extreme environmental conditions against Sulphate attack, prolonged and rapid chloride attack to assess its performance. Reduction in strength of samples subjected to deteriorating conditions have been evaluated using destructive testing as well as non-destructive testing such as UPV Test, Rebound Hammer Test, RCP Test. The findings have also been supported with computer aided microstructural tests such as FTIR, SEM and XRD analysis. The study, through its significant findings, propose a more durable ternary geopolymer mix over conventionally used OPC based mixes for high quality precast member construction.

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