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Learning with Artificial Intelligence

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Dr. Shuchi Mehra
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.156


Everyone believes that education is important and that having a good education is essential to living a successful life. There are constantly many changes taking place in the world, from the style of instruction to the kind of curriculum, in an effort to enhance the educational system for students. The world is changing thanks to artificial intelligence, a burgeoning technology that is applied in practically every industry. Artificial intelligence has the potential to significantly alter the educational landscape. New methods of teaching and learning are being developed for various contexts by artificial intelligence in education. Different institutions and universities around the world are now utilising AI. Teachers, students, parents, and of course educational institutions themselves now view education from a wholly new angle thanks to AI in education. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in education does not mean that human-like robots will take the position of human teachers; rather, it means that the education system will become much more efficient and supportive of teachers and students. Numerous AI tools will be available in the educational system in the future, influencing how students will learn. In this essay, we'll talk about artificial intelligence's effects and applications in education.

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