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IoT-Based Waste Segregation System using ATMega and Active Sensor Data

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Ranjeetsingh Suryawanshi, Anshuman Giramkar, Shreyas Godse, Snehal Gupta, SangramGunjal, Gyaneshwari Patil
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.273


One of the most crucial consequences of population explosion in these recent years has been environmental hazards. As the number of human inhabitants does not cease growing, garbage gathered is being discarded without any segregation, as an aggregate of disintegrable and non-perishable. Individuals dump garbage along the roads and the people hailing from the corporation do not accumulate the scrap evenly. This work by us proposes an automated garbage separation bin, a project in line with the current government scheme to make our country clean and hygienic. This swift scientific development has led to cost-effectiveness. This system suggests intelligent segregation and management based on the Internet of Things that sorts wastes such as Metal, Wet, and Dry waste using sensors like ultrasonic, proximity sensors, and Servomotors, interfaced with Arduino UNO. The complete flow of sorting is monitored and controlled by programmable microcontrollers and their respective transducers for input, which in turn contributes to the reduction of exposed disposal of biological scrap and thus the advance of microbes. The incoming waste passes through a conveyor belt, where the required sensors are placed in a linear arrangement. In the end, a dustbin divided into 3 equal parts is joined to the servo motor for switching according to sensor data.

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