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Investigation of Memory Enhancing Activity of Combination extracts of Bauhinia variegata Leaf Madhuca longifolia Leaf against Colchicine: An Experimental Study and Biochemical Alterations in Mice

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Pragati Khare1*, Jyoti Sharma2, Noopur Khare3, Divya Sharma2, Swati Priyadarshi3 and Suhail Ahmad Bhat3 and Amandeep Kaur3
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.93


Objectives: To investigate the role of combination of Madhuca longifolia and Bauhinia variegata ethanolic leaf extracts against oxidative damage in swiss albino mice and colchicine induced cognitive dysfunction; to estimate the neuroprotective impact using Madhuca longifolia and Bauhinia variegata combination by behavioral testing and to analyze the biochemical parameters. Materials and Methods: The experimental analysis was done for 28 days on a colchicine-induced model. Passive avoidance paradigm and Morris water maze were used for behavioral experiments and biochemical parameters like glutathione and nitric oxide were analyzed. 36 swiss albino mice were grouped into six groups, each consisting of six mice. 1 percent w/v carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC) was administered to the Group I. The group II received ED (BV) +ED (ML) (400mg/kg+200mg/kg oral). Group III was administered ED(BV)+ED(ML)+Col(400mg/kg+200mg/kg+1mg/kg,i.c.v.). The fourth group got ED(BV)+ED(ML)+Pir(400mg/kg+200mg/kg oral+200mg/kg, i.p.).

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