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Investigating the Impact of different drivers (pedagogies) of student centred learning in Indian Higher Educational Institutions

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Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma, Dr. Sheena Chhabra
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.si6.143


With change in time, there has been a paradigm shift in the teaching pedagogy. The roles and responsibilities of both teachers and students have changed. Student centred learning is competency-based, real world relevant and can occur anytime and anywhere. Entwistle et al. (2000) opine that SCL approach enhances students’ learning via their involvement in the large class. The paper aims to investigate the key drivers of student centred learning that enhance their learning during classroom interaction. The objective of implementation of this pedagogy is to enhance learning and involve the entire class including those students who are less serious in studies. Moreover, the intention is to improve teaching skills of instructor through students’ feedback. The intervention is performed on final year students for the course Engineering Economics. The two statistical techniques (ANOVA and multiple regression) have been used for to analysis. The results of ANOVA technique reflect that the various pedagogies are significant drivers of SCL approach. Also, conducting group discussion and presentation and bifurcating large class in smaller groups lead to enhance students’ learning and academic performance. The various pedagogies of SCL enhance students’ learning and academic performance.

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