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Interplay between multiple clients' replies to a virtual system.

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1Krishna Nand Mishra, 2Gouri Shukla, 3 Sanjeev Kumar Trivedi, 4Neeraj Kumar Tiwari
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.05


The system was created to evaluate the capabilities of microcontrollers in single-client and multiclient responses. the REST interface that exposes the Discovery-of-Services process. Two interfaces are exposed by virtual resources. Another aspect of the Go language is channels. Routines and channels are helpful elements of Go that can be used in order to put the notion using Virtual Resources described in that job. The Go programming language enables the deployment of numerous Virtual Resources at once. The state of Virtual Resources is distributed to numerous listeners via channels. In both performance tests, both microcontrollers functioned as expected. Despite the fact that computer enablement made the Raspberry Pi perform somewhat better than the Arduino Uni R3 boards.

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