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In-vivo Pharmacological Evaluation of Cucurbita pepo and Benincasa hispida for Antioxidant activity

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Namrata Singh, Dr. Dharmendra Ahuja
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.317


Analysis of the free radical scavenging activities of the selected Cucurbita pepo fruit and Benincasa hispida fruits extracts revealed a concentration dependent free radical scavenging activity resulting from reduction of DPPH, NO, Hydroxyl radical and superoxide radical radical to non-radical form. The scavenging activity of Ascorbic acid, a known antioxidant used as positive control, was however higher. DPPH radical is considered to be a model for a lipophilic radical. A chain in lipophilic radicals was intiated by the lipid autoxidation. DPPH is a stable free radical at room temperature and accepts an electron or hydrogen radical to become a stable diamagnetic molecule. The reduction capacity of DPPH was determined by the decrease in its absorbance at 517nm, which is induced by antioxidant. Positive DPPH test suggests that the samples were free radical scavengers. The scavenging effect of l-Ascorbic acid, and plant extracts increased gradually with increase in concentration. Nitric oxide plays an important role in various types of inflammatory processes in the body.

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