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In Sillico Design, Docking, Synthesis, Characterization and EGFR anti cancer Evaluation of Novel 2, 4 Disubstituted Thiazole Derivative

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Prabodh V. Sapkale, Avinash V. Patil, Sandip Patil
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.si6.182


Docking studies were performed for the promising compounds to interpret their detected EGFR activities based on their binding interactions with the receptor. Among the series compounds studied, PVS 2.7 exhibited the highest docking score of -7.724 and had a strong affinity towards the target receptor compared to other compounds. All series compounds were synthesized by the conventional economical synthesis method and the reaction was monitored by the TCL method and purify them by column chromatography. Novel 2, 4 disubstituted thiazole derivatives were synthesized to screen their in vitro anticancer activity against MCF-7 (Brest Cancer) and A431 (Lung Cancer cell line) cell lines. PVS 2.7 exhibited the best anticancer activity compared to dasatinib. However, PVS 2.10 and PVS 2.4 showed no inhibition against A431 cells, while PVS 2.7 showed no inhibition against MCF-7 cells.

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