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Importance of Quality Control in improving patient satisfaction in India - A review

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Dr Dnyanesh Belekar1, Dr Parag Rishipathak2


Quality control is a very important aspect in ascertaining the outcome of healthcare delivery in any hospital. For so many years various quality control parameters have been devised and so many quality control systems are in place to ensure that a set of standard of care is achieved in order to deliver a quality of healthcare delivery to all patients and beneficiaries. Very popular are NABH (National Accreditation and assessment board for Hospitals which is an offshoot of Quality council of India as an autonomous statutory body. NABH is widely accepted and now have made mandatory to ensure the highest standard of quality while delivering healthcare to patients. In this review, we would like to check the real picture of an already established quality control body and its usefulness at ground level to improve the patient satisfaction.

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