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Impacts of COVID-19 on global tourism industry

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Gulshan Kumar
» doi: 10.31838/ecb/2023.12.si6.429


Particularly international travel has become one of the most well-liked pastimes worldwide. It's important to consider the risk of accidents and travel-related illnesses, including infectious and non-communicable diseases. We sought to learn more about passengers' attitudes, knowledge, and awareness of travel health insurance in order to give more thorough pre-trip counselling to international travellers. Methods: Anonymous structured questionnaires were distributed among 120 individuals in the Indian population. Results: In this study, a total of 120 subjects were randomly given the questionnaire and 100 visitors responded (response rate = 75%). There were 60 females and 40 males. The mean age of the respondents was 46.8±15.1 years. There were 35% of respondents reported a medical history of chronic illness and 21% of respondents reported a previous experience of travel-associated illness. Furthermore, 40% of the respondents planned to join group tours and 55% planned a self-guide tour. A total of 24% of the respondents planned to participate in activities that may increase their risk of health problems, such as mountain backpacking or scuba diving during their travel. A statistically significant association was observed between the willingness to buy travel inconvenience insurance with educational level. The willingness of pre-travel consultation is associated with various travel insurances and travel-associated illness is associated with willing to buy 24 hours of emergency assistance. Furthermore, planned special activities during travel is associated with accidental death and disablement insurance. Conclusion: A disproportionate number of respondents knew what travel health insurance covered, despite the fact that the majority of passengers would buy it. Most passengers said that the best resources for information on travel insurance were travel clinics. Therefore, it is advised that travel specialists give additional information about travel insurance during pre-trip consultation, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic

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