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Dr. Farha Deeba
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.si6.508


This research paper is based on the hunting scenes of the Mughal period. A perspective of the Mughal artists. How Mughal artists visualized hunting scenes. The Mughal artists kept in mind the taste of the emperor. In these scenes, the presence of the emperor has been shown in the middle and the courtier follows the guidelines given by the emperor. The artists create the excitement of hunting and show the stress on the faces of the figures depicting the maturity of the artists and easily identifying their style. In these paintings, artists created complex places of ‘Shikargaah’, dense landscapes, figures in action, and the excitement of hunting have been depicted. The purpose of the presented research is to find out the inclination of Mughal emperors towards hunting, their interests, and the cultural life of the Mughal period.

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