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Higher Neutrophil to Lymphocyte Ratio (NLR) is Significant Predictor of Higher Gleason Scores Among Cases of Prostate Cancer

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Dr. Anup Kiran Patki,Dr. Yash Durlabhjibhai Patel,Dr.Tushar Balu bhai Padvi,Dr.Vikramsinh Jorshang bhai Gohil
» doi: 10.48047/ecb/2023.12.12.31


Introduction: Cancer development is significantly influenced by chronic inflammation. The inflammatory indices NLR and PLR have also been proposed as a new indicator of tumour necrosis, hypoxia, and systemic inflammation. However, there is little information on NLR and PLR's predictive significance in prostate cancer. Hence, this study conducted to assess the effect of preoperative NLR and PLR levels among histologically confirmed cases of prostate carcinoma using the Gleason scoring system. Methodology: A retrospective study conducted among 117 biopsy-proven prostate cancer cases who had a radical prostatectomy at various hospitals in Western India. Information on age of the patients, pre operative PSA value, and complete blood count (CBC) measured before to surgery. The radical prostatectomy specimens' tumour grade was evaluated using the Gleason grading. The relationship between the NLR, PLR, and Gleason score was examined using logistic regression analysis.

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